Monday, May 24, 2010

The Bad Thing About Being Sick

The bad thing about being sick and watching a 4 1/2 hour season finale, is that it was inevitable that I would fall asleep.  That's right.  I fell asleep during the last 10 minutes of Lost.  Knitting has saved me from this many times over the years.  If I remain active by knitting, I can stay awake.  The danger comes when I AM TOO TIRED TO KNIT.  I remember thinking, "don't lay your knitting down...", but I was so tired I did it anyway. So, even though my husband and daughter tried to fill me in, I feel LOST. And no, we don't have a DVR. My kids are laughing as they read this.


  1. Oh, blimey. And it's not like you didn't put in the hard yards. If it's any small consolation, I would have fallen asleep within the hour, knitting or not, sick or not!

  2. Debbie, I can't fill you in because I didn't see it either, but I can understand your disappointment.

    We don't get to see lots of stuff when on board a ship as we are now. We do have the news channel we prefer (not CNN), though, which is great.


  3. OH NO!!!! I'm sure its online to watch if you want to catch those last few minutes!

    You could be like my husband - he fell asleep at 9:00 after watching just the recap.. haha!!

  4. Have you ever watched episodes out on My husband catches up out there.


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