Friday, May 21, 2010

The Cone of Shame

It's Pippin here, checking in.  My people are making me wear this cone on my head and I'm not too happy about it.  Something's itching and I can't reach it. I'm not even getting to enjoy all those yummy smells in the grass because my cone catches on the ground. When I walk I have to hold my head up.  I thought I was  pretty smart, but I sure can't figure out how to get this thing off.   My people took the thing off once to give me relief, but decided that was not a good idea.  So here I am.  Five more days of this.  Drat.

Greatly disturbed,
Pippin Defarge Von Borgenstein

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  1. Oh, Pippin, you poor sweetie. Perhaps you can sleep a whole lot for the next five days then you can run and play again.

    Strokes and tummy rubs,
    Penny and Erik's Mom


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