Monday, May 3, 2010

You Know You Want to Win

I have a giveaway going on until Thursday.  You know you want to win.  Check it out here.
I love giveaways and I just won one myself over at Knit and Tonic.  Yes, I will be the proud owner of Knits Men Want.  Come on ladies (or men.) Join in the fun!

As Mother's Day approaches, I thought I would talk about enjoying your children. If you are too busy to ENJOY your children, then something needs to go.  If you don't have time to read a book, sit at a park or even your own yard to watch them play and answer every "Mommy, LOOK AT ME!" then you are missing out.  Life does get in the way at times, illness, pressing finances, etc., but even at that- try to carve out some time to just sit with your child and talk or read or do whatever THEY want to do. So often I hear young mothers discuss how tired they are, how their homes are a mess, how dinner is never ready, and the kids don't behave. When I ask how they spend their days, they list endless activities,  book clubs, work, etc.  In excess, those activities take you away from your number one priority- your family. Staying home is a good thing. You will save money on gas and convenience foods and you will be teaching your children that home is a nice place to be. If you don't take time to enjoy your children when they are young, you won't enjoy them when they are older!

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