Thursday, June 24, 2010

I See Vegetables

My garden is much bigger this year and so far, only one deer has shown up for a little snack, pruning a tomato plant. The green beans, cucumbers and swiss chard are doing quite well!

I have four large tomato plants covered with blossoms.  I'm looking forward to putting up Spaghetti Sauce again this year.

My Earth Boxes on the front porch are full of a variety of peppers and herbs.  They are happy there because of the full sun. 
Two cherry tomatoes in pots are laden with fruit.

I see homemade pesto in our future.


  1. Wow! Your garden looks wonderful! Our daughter has a patio veggie garden going. We will have to branch out next year and do something more if I am going to be home for more of the spring and fall. You give me great inspiration!

  2. Looks like you'll be doing a lot of harvesting soon. Enjoy your bounty!

  3. your garden makes me think of my Mom who had an amazing green thumb.


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