Friday, June 4, 2010

So Where's the Knitting you ask...

I have knitted the entire back and am almost to the neck edge and SOMETHING IS WRONG!  I have frogged 4 times.  This is a poor imitation of the cocoon stitch and if you follow the knit ridges on the right, they stop. Why?  I DON'T KNOW. This looks NOTHING like the picture.  I need a chart to see where things are supposed to be.  Should I just quit?????  I want to figure it out.  It's just how I am.

Learn-To-Knit-Afghan Book
I'm thinking this is the book that she got the stitch from after doing some searching, but I don't want to buy it.  Does anyone know if there are charts in this book?  I need to see the placement of stitches.
I may be starting something new as this is getting ridiculous.  A good life lesson.  Never think you are getting pretty good at something, because for sure you will get knocked down to size.  I am here to admit  that it is a wonder I can knit at all.

On a lighter note, Pippin went to the doggie salon today for a trim and a primp.  He looking dapper, is cutting teeth and won't eat.  You can see he has two rows of teeth. It is quite odd looking and I think  must hurt.  He sure smells good though.

Now Pippin is cute, but the grandbaby is cuter don't you think?


  1. The grandbaby is precious and the doggie is pretty cute, too. :)

  2. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Your grandson is adorable so unfair to try and make Pippin compete.

  3. Thanks for your comments on son #2. It's been a particularly difficult day and it helped to read what all of my kind readers had to say. I oknow he'll come through, it's just the getting there that is difficult.

    xo Erin

  4. I'm SO WITH YOU in the knitting area right now. In the past month I've knit a sweater that has arm holes that are too small for me. I semi-felted my February Lady sweater, by accident of course. I've messed up the silliest of dishcloth patterns. and I cast on for a pair of fingerless gloves 5 times and can't figure the pattern out! YIKES! Talk about feeling like you can't knit! I've resigned myself to my favorite dishcloth pattern. I've knit 6 successfully, now maybe I'll go onto something more difficult.


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