Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just shoot me.

If I ever mention hanging wallpaper, will you please just shoot me.  What a pain to remove.  It is down and walls are clean of glue and the holes patched from drywall damaged from the wallpaper removal. Primer is done. By the way, the human neck was never intended bend backwards with arms in the air to paint around ceilings.  I can testify to that.
Tomorrow-the final coat. But first, a small rant.  Whose bright idea was it to make 6 doorways/windows with less than a 1/2 inch space in which to squeeze a paintbrush?  A sadist, that's who.
I did finish binding off a knitting project and need to start on the arms, but mostly, I am just passing out at night.  You understand.


  1. What a P. in the A.! I bet all the hard work will be worth it!

  2. That does sound painful, but wow those windows are gorgeous. Hope you make it to the end without too much more discomfort.

  3. Oh, yes, I understand. The human neck isn't intended to bend down and pull weeds, either. We have a couple of rooms to be painted in a couple of months. I think we will hire painters. I hope you are finished and able to enjoy your labors soon.

  4. You're almost finished!! Keep going. You'll love it when it's complete!

  5. Ah, yes, the wallpaper in the kitchen. I Thanksgiving in your home when we discussed the possibility of removing it. So, my question is. . . what color did you decide to paint the walls? :) (By the way, Dennis said to tell you he has an artist's brush that will fit in your 6" spaces perfectly, if you want to use it.)

  6. Dear Dennis,
    You are always welcome in my home. Please bring your paint brush and your mad skills for the finite. I am getting paint on the ceiling in my poor attempt and now will need to paint the ceiling as well. UGH.

    Debbie :-)


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