Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Week of Heat

We are missing this little guy. He is Mr. Personality.  Hudson loved Pippin and vice versa.  But back to the ocean breeze my family went, leaving us to swelter.  I think that could be mistaken for imposing guilt. May I never resort to such tactics.
The good thing about hot weather is it really makes you look forward to fall.  My sister lives in Alaska and as much as they look forward to sunshine, the bird-like mosquitoes of summer, make them look forward to winter.  I am SO looking forward to fall.
We decided to replace our nasty family room carpet with hardwood and I am excited about that. It is happening this week.  But I am not excited about the fact that the air-conditioning must be turned off during the process.  After two days of cooler, dryer temps, the heat and humidity are supposed to return with a vengeance this week. What are the chances that the hottest week of the summer would be the week that we need to keep the air off?  My husband would say 100%.  He is right.  You may find me using WiFi at my local Starbucks most of the week.

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