Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't Let it Bug You

Have you ever gone to block something only to discover that you've made a terrible mistake?  In my defense, only until the yarn was wet, was this noticeable.  As I picked up Hudson's little sweater to give it a little squeeze in the water, I noticed a different shade of beige.  A darker shade.  YIKES!  I must of had some random leftover skein of beige in my bag and grabbed it to knit this section.  This is another good reason to not knit in beige anymore for at least a year.  The sweater looks green here, with a brown section, but my camera makes it look more apparent than the naked eye.  Back to the drawing (or frogging) board.  At some point I will finish this.
Prior to blocking, I went to my sewing machine cabinet, opened the doors and pulled down the nifty table that my husband made me years ago, only to discover that I had smashed my sewing machine cord under said table. This should have been fair warning.

As the rule of threes would go, I wasn't done yet.  I sat down to do some work at my laptop and proceeded to watch smoke waft from the cord turning into a sudden burst of flames. Blowing on the cord and rushing to the outlet to unplug it, I was praising God that I was there and my house didn't burn down.
All that to say, bad stuff happens. You do stupid things. Other people do stupid things.  Don't let it bug you. It will ruin a perfectly nice day.  

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  1. In my world we don't call them knitting mistakes. We call them design elements.


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