Monday, August 23, 2010


First of all, I've been itching to knit, but with an unfinished sweater, I just couldn't move on.  I thought I had used up the yarn and was contemplating my strategy for finishing. But then I got thinking, "What if I was thinking I would only use 2 skeins, but there is actually a third skein in my stash?"  Well, guess what? There was skein number three and I will use about a yard of it to finish. It's a good thing that I am introspective occasionally,  asking myself questions.  These kinds of things happen to me alot.  For example, " I will put this very important thing in this very special place so that I will remember where I put it." Then I have to wait until spring cleaning or a move across country to finally find it.  In fact recently I found a box of stuff I thought I had lost with the last move.  Yes, one unpacked box was discovered after living here 14+ years. I fear it will only get worse.  Another good reason to exercise the brain cells.

Introspection is good at all levels.  This summer has been a rich one for reading and ruminating.  Right now we are reading Crazy Love with the young adults that we mentor.  Don't read it if you don't want to grow.  Basically, if you were crazy in love with God, you would be more obedient, more generous, more name it.  Your intense love for him causes you to study your Bible more, desire to spend time with the church (other believers), pray all day (not necessarily on your knees) and live radically, upstream against our culture.  Because of love, you would also be contagious in your faith.  Love would spill over into all relationships. You would give with out expecting something in return.  You would love people that hate you. You would not keep accounts of wrongs done. You would live and breathe I Corinthians 13. There are strong words in this book against lukewarm-ness (is that a word?) We will still sin because we can never attain perfection here on earth, but our sin should  deeply grieve us. All that to say, we should be in awe of our creator, in awe of his sacrifice on our behalf and in awe of His love for us.  We need to fall crazy in love with Jesus and by His grace, we can.

Read it! I dare ya!

“Our greatest fear as individuals and as a church should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” Francis Chan

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  1. sounds like I need to read that book. it sounds so exciting!!


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