Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am driven from my own home,  but all for a good cause.  My wood floors are being refinished and nasty carpeting is being removed from my family room.  This makes me happy. However, choosing a wood color is a difficult task and one thing leads to another.  The color of my dreams clashes with my orangey oak cabinets and I have no intention of replacing them.  The flooring was long overdue, but new cabinets are a luxury I'm not interested in. I settled on a natural stain that the cabinets will blend with and will lighten up my dark house. 
So, here I sit at Panera in the air conditioning.  The past two days I have be sequestered in my office, working in a 105 degree heat index with fans blowing on me, so frankly,  I am happy to escape. No air conditioning can be on when the workers are doing their thing. My dear husband (he reads my blog) got us a hotel room for a few days so that I could have a little stay-cation. No dishes, no vacuuming, no climbing over piles of stuff that had to get moved in order to do the floors (several rooms look like something off of Hoarders) and TIME TO KNIT! Yes, I intend to sit in the air conditioning and finish Hudson's sweater. 
One more thing. Change your passwords, people! My oldest email account, a Hotmail account, was hacked and an email was sent to all of my contacts (including me because I has several emails for various purposes) letting everyone know I was in Wales with no money and a lost passport.  My password was changed and I can't access the account and good luck dealing with Hotmail. There is no such thing as internet security and real people do not man any phones if you run into a problem like this. In fact, real people do not man most customer help lines.  I have found hitting 0 a bunch of times will shoot you straight to a live person, but no such luck with hotmail.  All this to say, I need my stay-cation.

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  1. How nice of your husband to arrange for a hotel room. The new hardwood floor color choice sounds perfect, Debbie. Good for you for sticking with your perfectly good cabinets.


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