Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fresh Tomatoes

My tomatoes are all ripening now.  My heirloom tomatoes did not do well, the Romas were delicious, and the Better Boys are prolific.  We have been enjoying Pico de Gallo and Caprice salads.  With fresh Basil growing in the yard and so many tomatoes, the Caprice salad has been a refreshing summer treat.
The traditional salad is sliced tomatoes, layered with a slice of fresh mozzarella and a basil leave.  Three layers is one serving. Add a small splash of balsamic vinegar and enjoy.  My daughter (who loves to chop things in small pieces), dices the tomatoes and cheese, chops the basil and mixes with a splash of the balsamic vinegar. Either way, it's a delicious side dish.

This summer when my kids were home, this typical family evening was recorded.  Chad was on the piano as Brandon and Travis entertained our precious grandson.  Todd, Amy and I made a good audience.  Our evenings together are often spent in the living room around the piano with guitars playing and new music being shared. We are blessed to enjoy each other's company so much.  What does your family do to have fun?

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