Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Sister

My sister is four years younger than me.  Our oldest children were born within weeks of each other.  We share knitting ideas and stories of our grandchildren. She lives in a remote area in Alaska and she could easily play Ma in Little House on the Prairie.  She cooks, she gardens, and she can sew like nobody's business, making custom garments for herself and those she loves. She's been known to sew up a beaver hat and grind moose meat in her kitchen. 
She has breast cancer. 
She is one tough cookie and loves God with all her heart.  He is her provider and sustainer and He will see her through this.  We know He hears our prayers. Would you join me in praying for my sweet sister?


  1. Yes, Debbie, your sister will be in my prayers. I hope she is able to fight and win this battle. Prayers and hugs for you, too,

  2. I'll certainly be praying for your sister! Blessings to you as you support her.

  3. We are praying continually for Aunt Kim! We serve a great God.

  4. Will do, friend. Blessings to your entire family!! ARA

  5. I will pray for her. Sheounds like such an amazing woman!

    Thank you for your prayers.

    xo Erin

  6. I just read this post and seriously wanted to cry. I feel for you. I will be praying for you and for Kim. Love you Friend :)


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