Sunday, September 5, 2010


I love Pandora.  I stream it through my Roku player onto my TV, which has great surround sound speakers.  It is an old school Sony Wega tube and works fine.  I have stations for favorite artists and then Pandora finds similar music to add in the mix.  Turn on the TV, go to the Roku station, choose Pandora, then choose my station. These are my stations:

Jon Forman
The Weepies
Bon Ivor ( My son knew I would love this and he was right.)
Wailin' Jennys
Raffi (for when Hudson visits)
Andrea Bocelli
A Fine Frenzy (My daughter's station)
Sigor Ros (Another suggestion from  my personal music consultant.)
Neil Diamond ( I've heard there are two kinds of people in the world, those who hate Neil Diamond and those who don't.  My husband LOVES Neil Diamond, so this is for him.)

I love that in these mixes, new artists are introduced.  I can be working or knitting or cleaning and hear something that strikes a chord, look at the screen and save that artist as a favorite. Some new favorites are discovered. Kendall Payne and Ludovico Einaudi are just two new people that I have come to enjoy.

The best part is that it is free!

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