Thursday, September 23, 2010


The Lily Cardigan is moving along.  Stockinette is boring...but good for mindless knitting.  So mindless that I got going the wrong way and found myself doing a short row. FROG.
Car and doctor's office knitting...the One Row Handspun scarf. I haven't been in the car or waiting in doctor's office much, so not much is happening.

It is HOT, 94, a record high projected for this first day of fall. Temps are the same in the California desert. Not good. Especially when we chose to reseed our back yard last week.  I'll be moving the sprinkler all day again.  The leaves are not turning, just dying and falling off the trees. My favorite season is still not quite here, so I'll stay inside between sprinkler moves and burn a Pumpkin spice candle with the air on.  Praise God for air conditioning.

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  1. Oh how funny, I am knitting the exact same scarf and just posted about it today! I love the pattern, it's so fun and easy.

    Hope the temps cool off for you. We've had some cool weather here in Northern CA, but it is about to heat up again. I wish it wouldn't.


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