Monday, September 20, 2010

Wool Gathering

On Saturday, a few of my friends and I drove past Yellow Springs, Ohio to Young's Dairy Farm (known for their wonderful ice cream) to the Wool Gathering, an annual fiber fair.  It is a fun day filled with hobbyists, which I think is always an interesting group of people. Ladies were sitting around knitting in the shade.  Three large tents filled with yarn, roving, fleece, looms, needles, and every other needful item you can think of that is associated with anything fiber could be found.  This year I noticed the volumes of various sizes of looms for weaving. There was even a booth where you could try your hand.  Rugs, place mats and even delicate silk scarves were on display to show the merits of weaving.  I must admit, it perked my interest.
Spinners with their wheels and spindles were also numerous.  I used to think I wanted to spin, but I think to do all that work and then knit it up seems too long of a process. I love the knitting part too much.
The craft that has always intrigued me the most is rug hooking. I think I will get a kit for a small project and see how it goes, though I didn't see any kits that interested me there. I did find these last night as I did some research. 
One of my favorite things every year are the many sheep on display.  I used to think a sheep was a sheep.  Not so.

See what I mean?  I has no idea there were so many breeds, and I am sure there are more.  There were also some skittish llamas and some very sweet alpacas. 

My favorite fiber is alpaca or  alpaca blend and there were many lovely hanks to choose from.
Every year this dog is a hit. If only our children behaved so well. (No offense kids, but you were not THIS obedient.) I found this on you tube.  Others thought it was worth recording.
We also got to see a very enthusiastic sheep sheerer do his job and explain the magic of shaving a fleece so that it comes off in one piece. 

We ended our day with some ice cream and then on to the establishment I mentioned on Saturday.  I didn't buy anything but a bar of soap at the fair, exercising great self-control and resolve to destash my stash...but I may place an order for a rug kit soon.  

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  1. What a fun event. Don't you just love being in the company of others who share your passion for knitting? I would love to learn how to use a loom to weave and want to try spinning, just to see what it is like.

    Alpacas are so cute-- they look like big muppets. Yesterday I bought an alpaca/silk blend of yarn from a company called Paca de Seda and it so lovely.

    Congrats on the self-control with the fiber ... that couldn't have been easy :o)


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