Saturday, November 6, 2010


 Mountains, Alaska style.  They are everywhere and gigantic.  Mount Baldy, eat your heart out.
This is the view from the parking lot at my sister's hospital.  If I had a panoramic camera, you would get the whole effect.  She loves the drive, 40 minutes from Anchorage, to the beautiful new hospital.  The view is stunning and LOOK OUT FOR MOOSE signs are everywhere.  We saw no moose. :-(
This is the view from her chemo room.  It is a large, warm room with big soft recliners, a kitchen with juices and coffee, big bowls of snacks, subdued lighting, wide screen TV's with head sets and very sweet nurses.

This original quilt hangs in the hospital lobby.  Everything here is beautiful. Even in these simple ways, majestic mountains and beautiful art and architecture, God reminds us that He is good.


  1. What beautiful surroundings. I hope your sister is doing well.


  2. So beautiful and I hope someday to see it for myself.
    My thoughts and prays are with you and your sister.


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