Sunday, November 14, 2010

Going Home

Thursday morning I flew from Anchorage to Salt Lake City to home.  The airport in Anchorage is new and modern.  
This restaurant was buzzing with activity at midnight.
Sourdough, salmon and bears get lots of advertising in Alaska.
Polar bears only live in Northern Alaska. Thank goodness.
Beautiful carvings of birds are everywhere.

I was able to spend time with my sister and I'm so glad. She is a wonderful person with a big heart.  It was great to see the way she is thought of by her friends there.  I am so proud of her. When she had snippets of energy, we did our favorite things. We also watched lots of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Fatigue is a friend and an enemy right now.  It is a signal that the powerful drugs are invading her body and doing their work.  But it is also intense in a way that no one anticipates.  It is the most under-talked about side effect of chemo.  Sitting in a chair or sleeping for long periods is normal and is just going to happen.  You can't fight it. So now she waits for the few days when she feels good before chemo to work on her quilting projects. 

Her thoughtful husband made sure she brought her quilt from home, to make their apartment FEEL like home (she lives in another area of Alaska and is staying in Anchorage for treatment.)
I got some knitting done on the plane and finished when I got home.  Pics tomorrow!

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  1. Welcome home. It is wonderful you had time with your sister. I look forward to your images and more about your trip. :)


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