Monday, November 8, 2010

The Quilt Tree and a Chemo Cap

Another chemo cap finished. We love this Esprit Chemo Cap. It can be arranged on your head in the way that looks best on you.  This one is only 37 inches long, rather than the 40 inches suggested and it is plenty long. Now I have started an new pattern and hope to have pics soon.
My sister is experiencing extreme fatigue, but she gets tired of just sleeping and sitting.  We decided to venture out tonight.  We were blocked in the parking lot but were able to maneuver our car out to the snow and ice covered roads.  It was my first experience driving with studded tires.  The roads are not salted here.  Sand is used and it was not even on the road yet.  At home, the town would have been shut down and schools closed after conditions like this. We ate at a little Thai restaurant run by a husband and wife.  We had the most delicious Thai iced tea.
After dinner, we ventured over to The Quilt Tree and The Yarn Branch.  It is a beautiful store with a large area in the back for classes. They even sell wool for Penny Rugs, which have been intriguing me lately.
The yarn area is small, but they have a wonderful selection of lots of things I have not seen before.  Yarns from Japan (not Noro) and even a selection of Qivut,  which comes from the Muskox.  It is the warmest fiber in the world and probably the most expensive as well.
They had crocheted rug kits which were beautiful and the samples charming.  Rolls of strips were available with colors already coordinated for you. All you would need is a large crochet hook.  If I lived here, I would be broke...
We walked down to Cafe Del Mundo and got some gelato to take home. We'll be digging in soon.
Tomorrow we drive to Palmer for a Herceptin infusion. A friend is driving us in her Expedition.  It's supposed to snow 2-8 inches tonight and I'm not up for such a long ride with my lack of expertise in driving studded tires on a Saturn. Praying for no headache, effectiveness of this wonder drug and a moose sighting.


  1. Glad to hear that you are both enjoying some time together and getting to do some fun things! We are praying, praying, and our Lord is so good.

    I have a cousin who lives in Palmer.. didn't realize that the chemo treatments were taking place there!

  2. Yes, time together is wonderful. The places you went were such fun, too. I love the yarn!

  3. What a lovely post, Debbie. I'm glad you're able to have some fun with your sister. I love Thai food and Thai iced tea is a favorite. You're all in my prayers. Love you.


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