Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family Pictures

In the old days, your mom dressed you up in the high fashion of the day, made you stand still and smile, and then snapped a picture. Yes this is me.  Often, the picture taker's finger was in the way (notice blur on left).  As my kids grew up, they had the every-3-month-for-the-first-year-picture at Sears, or Penny's, or for a big splurge, Olan Mills.  Now, I am not slamming these fine institutions, but the obligatory blue background or the large stuffed animals or little chairs or ball and bat props were not always the most attractive.
As the children got older, matching tee shirts or everyone in their Christmas sweater in some unnatural pose all trying to smile at the same time became the goal. This annual family picture was taken usually at Disneyland, Olan Mills or in Grandma's backyard. These were then followed by the yearly school picture, with the same blue background. And to be honest, if everyone smiled, the pictures looked great. To me. At the time.
Enter the year 2011. Not much has changed. Except that a lot has changed. Clothing is chosen carefully, (now called styling) and smiles are still solicited. My son and his wife are photographers. My niece is a photographer.  Their friends, and friends and more friends are photographers. They are featured in magazines and art shows and will never take their children to Sears. Their family pictures look like magazine covers instead of the pictures that have adorned my walls for years.  And to be honest, I like it.  I have a wall that I have decided needs family pictures and these are samplings of the photos I have to choose from.  What do you think?

Olan Mills, I'm so over you...


  1. I think you're quite many ways!

  2. How very wonderful! I love the "new" pictures. I sure do identify with the old ones, too!

  3. They are all so beautiful and natural!
    -love how she uses the light.
    Tough decision!(sorry not much help)

  4. LOVE your photo choices!! I hope you choose them all.


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