Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Party's Over

My daughter-in-law came for a visit bringing our beautiful grandson.  We had an entire week to enjoy their company, but yesterday I took them to the airport. Even the dog is bummed out. We had fun, eating out, eating in, playing with trains and farm animals and reading the same books over and over, just like we used to with his dad.
Putting little sticks in the rubber mat and insisting every one was "blue."
Sporting the Fedora and some Toms.
He and Aunt Amy have something in common.
Not a fan of falling down in the snow... I'm not either for that matter. Notice the hat on the left.

Sure Fit Sampler Hat with a flower added
Needles 8
Cascade 220 1 skein

This is the other side that you can't see.

He and Pippin were good friends.  I think Pippin thought he was another puppy.
Like all the men in our family, he paces with the phone.

It is difficult living so far from all our loved ones, but each of us are doing the things that we have been made to do. There is comfort in the fact that we love each other, fully enjoy each other when we ARE together and connect frequently via phone, facebook, and webcam.  I am so grateful for technology that can fill some of the gaps. There is no sense in whining, or guilting, or feeling sorry for ourselves.  We treasure the times that we are together!  We do begin the countdown for when we gather together again almost immediately...

One thing I did learn.  Do not EVEN attempt to knit on a Koolhaas with any distractions.  I seriously can't admit just how many times I have frogged.  I'm sure it is some kind of record.


  1. Your grandson will be a lady killer with those eyes and that smile.
    Love the hat and the add of the flower is perfect.

  2. He's adorable!!
    and that hat! I have to save that pattern. You did a great job with it.
    We live far away from my husband's family as well. I love your attitude, it reminds me of ours. We SO appreciate the times we can get together.


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