Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad Bad Blogger

I've been a little busy. This is my life. Wait, no, this is a box of spilled Wheaties...well, same difference. A great two week visit with my sister, accompanying her to doctor's appointments, radiation, physical therapy and squeezing in some yarn stops, jet lag after a red eye, putting in my two week notice at work to follow some other avenues and care for my family (YEAH!), wrapping up loose ends, watching the grass grow, mowing and mower breaking with the first mow, watching gas prices approach $4.00, watching grocery prices skyrocket, ANOTHER stray cat (we have a history of attracting strays), taxes, dirty windows, basement mess, unfinished painting projects calling my name, and last but not least - THE ANNUAL WEBS SALE!!!  Cascade 220 and Plymouth Encore Stock up for me! 

I am thinking about my garden, but have done nothing about it thus far. I am dreaming of fresh tomatoes and green beans. My grandson on the west coast has his first garden all planted!

I think he enjoyed himself!

This has been a winter of learning.  The trials of those I love cause me to discover more about myself.
I have never thought myself to be a worrier, but I have woken up more than once with gripping anxiety that lingers into the day. God is my refuge and strength and as I have said before, all I can do is pray. And pray. And read my bible which is God's love letter to me.  My friend writes this simple daily devotional and she says it well, and always right when I need to hear it.


  1. Continue pouring out your heart and burdens to HIM. He loves hearing from you, and so do we! Welcome Home.

  2. Your grandson is a doll!!!!!!

    Goodness, you have been busy. I hope your sister continues to do well.

    That blanket is gorgeous!



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