Monday, April 25, 2011

My Student

One of the things that bring me great joy, is teaching others to knit.  I have taught adults and children and find that children seem to pick it up so much easier.  Their minds are eager, especially if they have decided they WANT to do this. Their fingers are nimble and they easily come up with their "own" way to hold the yarn and needles.  This little girl is amazing.  9 years old and she is off to the races! 

We started with a lesson of casting on- the long tail cast on.  We did it over and over and over.  Then I taught her the knit stitch and told her to knit every row for homework. 
The next week, we talked about what the fabric should look like: garter stitch vs. stockinette.  Then I taught her to purl and told her to purl a row, then knit a row.  She, like most of us, was not that fond of purling.

The following week, I  introduced the One Row Handspun Scarf.  It has all the above techniques with a kb (knit in the back) thrown in for fun. After looking at progress, examining mistakes and a few frogging sessions, she was ready to cast on a washcloth. We practiced reading a pattern and when both were finished, we learned the bind off. 

This last week, she made three more washcloths and even had them bound off before coming to my house.  We cast on a hat, to be knit in the round, talked about joining, started knitting with the tail (oops) and I let her do the frogging this time. She understands what the stitches should look like and frogging made sense! I think you really are getting it when you can fix your mistakes! 

Her next stop is the WEBS sale (with some help from mom)...we may be tackling an easy sweater soon!

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