Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Don't Want to See Red

Every night, right when we go to bed, the weather channel looks like this. Red. That's bad. Purple. That's even worse. 
Lines of storms, usually moving across Indiana or coming up from the south, sweep across in a hard line with high winds and drenching rain.  A branch came down in the back, the grass is high and unmowable and mosquitos are waiting for  the day they can begin their feasting. The power went out  for a full day, the freezer contents had to be relocated and we spent a night bailing the sump pump as our battery back-up even failed.  There are puddles everywhere.  I'm thinking I can't wait until winter so we can safely venture outside.
This  picture is bad.  This is called waiting to hear a siren that tells you to hit the basement. Of course, that's what a normal person would think. But here in the 'Nati, they tell us when a thunderstorm is coming ( I can hear it, so why do I need a siren?) and that we need to watch for tornadoes.  I have yet to figure out how in the world we are supposed to know WHEN to go to the basement. That would be a tornado warning, meaning - GO TO THE BASEMENT! NOW!  We have no warning for that, unless you haven't lost power and can watch TV.  We do have a weather radio that our weatherman tells us to keep by our bed. We've tried that.  It wakes us to tell us a tornado is in a city 3 hours away.  It serves to insure that we get no sleep if there is severe weather anywhere in a 5 hour radius.  This makes no sense. Not to be mean, but I would like to sleep when Lexington is having bad weather.
So we watch the weather channel and pray the power doesn't go out.  It gives us Cincinnati weather only.  We used to be able to tune the local weather channel from the TV in on our weather radio, which had TV bands. But now that everything is CONVENIENTLY HD, our radio can't pick it up.
I have one question. How does any of this technology help us know when to go to the basement?  That's all I want to know.

As for knitting, I have casted on (is that a word?) a Wonderful Wallaby for my grandson and my dog has rediscovered his love for yarn. 240 yds. of Plymouth Encore woven into a knotted mess like you can't believe in under 4 minutes. God bless my husband who unknotted and wound the entire skein for me.
I said I didn't want to see red, but that is not entirely true.  My husband got me some beautiful red roses for my birthday, which was lovely...even though 60 is getting too close for comfort.

Praying for those who have lost so much this week...

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  1. The storm hit us and left only minimal damage. Downed small branches and missing shingles. We are in the southwest corner of Indiana, so next time I will holler after it passes us to alert you. If we figure out how fast the storm is moving, we should be able to predict when it will hit you?
    I am hoping the puppy doesn't discover yarn is a fun toy. The 3 yr old big dog likes to carry the balls of yarn in his mouth, but he doesn't tangle them.


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