Wednesday, June 29, 2011


 We are home. Finally.

Airplane lands at 11:00pm.  Get luggage and take tram to long term parking. Parking brake is frozen. Back car out of spot with parking brake engaged, place in middle of our lane in the long term lot and drive car back and forth trying to unfreeze brake. No luck. I call AAA. They say they will try to unfreeze brake but may have to tow.  We will need to find ride home.  It is now midnight and everyone we know is probably in bed.  Husband tries to rock car some more. No luck. Parking lot attendant takes husband to Enterprise Rental Car.  They are closed. They go to National/ Alamo. Driver leaves him there because they are open. They have no cars and husband realizes he has the keys to our car. I am waiting for AAA with daughter.  We tell lot attendant to pick up husband, bring him back to lot with keys in hand.  They must do run through airport to pick up passengers.  While waiting, one passenger arrives at lot to retrieve car.  Lot has probably 400 cars and his car is parked next to us.  Our  car partially blocks him.  With much navigation, he can get out of spot next to our car which can not be moved.  Husband arrives with keys. Driver drops him off at Hertz.  AAA arrives.  He is going to tow car, but I remind him that he is to try to unlock brakes  before towing.  He rocks car like hubby did and unlocks brakes. Unbelievable. Hubby has just paid for rental, I call and tell him to undo this. I pay for parking, pick up hubby. We stop at  gas station to fill  up. Battery is dead. An angel appears with a fancy battery charger and we are jumped in seconds.  Pass deer grazing on side of freeway.  Perhaps he was in the middle of the road minutes earlier?  Pass church sign with this saying, "Character is revealed in times of crisis."  Classic.  Arrive home at 2:00am.  Fall into bed. The End.

(More to come on our wonderful vacation later!)

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