Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Heat

 One sleeve, coming up.  Size 8, 12 inch needle.  Does anyone else think this is an awkward sized needle?  12 inches is too short for round knitting comfortably.  I could use DPN's but I like the smoothness of knitting in the round and prefer circulars when given a choice.
 No man can invent anything as pretty as dill growing in the summer.  Of course I need to pinch off these pretty blooms as I don't need any dill seed, but this morning I decided to capture their delicate beauty.  I love the smell of fresh picked dill.  I may have to search some recipes, just to use it more.
 These nasturtiums brighten my pot of herbs. They are edible...maybe they will show up in our salad tonight?
The Earthboxes are performing well!  This year, the website updated the materials used for replanting, potting mix, fertilizer and dolomite.  They have recommended brands they find work best and I'm thinking they are right.  I seem to have much more fruit right away instead of so much beautiful leafy growth.  We have already decided to add two more boxes next year.  We live in an area where everyone fertilizes their lawns and the  runoff of chemicals is a concern.  These self-enclosed systems are a cure and use less water!
The Cherry tomatoes grow great in a large pot with an ivy trellis over them to make them pretty and give them support.

All  winter I have every light on in the house.  When the heat hits, the lights go off and the fans are poised for action. The wettest spring on record....24.78 inches of rain in March, April and May has been followed by hot weather.  So soon, I am hoping for rain. Fickle aren't we?

God is always the same, with him there is no variation, no shadow of turning. (James 1:17)

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