Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vacation Knitting Fail

I always look forward to extended knitting time on a plane. On the flight to California, I started this hat and realized I didn't bring the bigger size needle I needed to finish. FAIL. I read my Kindle instead.
As a middle seat holder on my flight home, upon pulling out my knitting, I flung one of my bamboo needles against the wall of the airplane where it landed between the foot of my sleeping window seat companion and the wall. I watched her kick it and move it with her foot the entire flight.  This is another good reason to abandon the bamboo and only use circulars.  I did this because the size I needed was occupied with another project at home. Anyway, as we landed, she woke up and I asked her for the needle. FAIL.


  1. Eek! Maybe I need to pack all my needles and a few extra projects beyond the 2 I plan to take with me. But, considering I will be in the family van I might be OK. As long as the moody teenagers don't put on a snit when I need them to retrieve a lost needle! LOL.
    I envy your little trip. It looks like it was truly a wonderful time. Kudos to your kids. I hope those teens of mine end up as thoughtful.

  2. Oh, my. How frustrating!

    When we go out of town for ten weeks at a time, I bring my supplies in a suitcase. It's a good thing we drive instead of flying or I couldn't do this, that's for sure! I have two suitcases going home: one with the needles and other equipment, one with finished items. Our daughter sends us our mail weekly and stuffs the boxes with balls of yarn. I am in heaven. :))))

    I hope the rest of your summer knitting goes more smoothly. :)

    Big hugs,

  3. It was bad enough that you couldn't work on your knitting, but it had to kill you to watch your needle get kicked around like that. That had to feel like the longest flight ever!

    You need to treat yourself to something nice. :)


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