Thursday, August 18, 2011

Needles and Yarn

Today I wound yarn.  Can you tell which skein gave me trouble?
This lovely Beaverslide will be ANOTHER wallaby, this time for my daughter. Every time I think I have enough needles, I find I need another size. In case of fire, I have told my husband grab my laptop, the picture box and my knitting needles. This is not a cheap hobby. I have more in needles than I have in jewelry.  It is 8:10 and all of the purveyors of Addi Turbos in a 6/24 are closed. Of course I have my knit picks interchangeables, but have I sprung for the 24 inch cable? Of course not. By the time I pay shipping, I may as well get the Addi's. Hmmm.  So instead of casting on another Wallaby ( I am addicted) I will cast on a hat for hubby that I actually have needles for. 

Today I picked fresh green beans and jalapenos from the garden. The purple beans turn a gray-green when cooked and they have a mild flavor.
Baby Owlie is blocking. The hat pattern is here.  Someday with a real grandbaby in it, I will post better pictures.  My son and his wife are photographers and they will do this justice with their own beautiful child gracing it. This is such a fun pattern and a quick knit. Grandbaby 2 is due in October and I thought this color would be cute for fall.

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  1. Hi Debbie,

    I have lots of needles, too. I have some from my Mom so those are very old needles. I have expensive sets of interchangeable needles. I have needles passed on to me by those who no longer can or desire to knit. I have needles given to me by friends whose relatives have died and they lovingly want the needles to go to someone who will appreciate and use them. And, I found a really good deal on Amazon - several actually. There are sets of bamboo needles - long, short, double pointed, long and short circular - all at very, very good prices for entire sets. I have bought four sets so far so now have all the odd sizes I might need for any project and spares to put away with a WIP (that becomes a UFO for awhile) and still have others for current projects. Can you tell I'm a needle freak?



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