Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer Wedding

After hot temps in the high 90's all weekend, fall is here.  The high will be 66 today and I am all about that! Sweaters, wool socks and hot tea are in order. Pumpkin Spice lattes have arrived at Starbucks! I have never been a fan of summer.  I like the relaxed days and the light summer meals, but I abhor humidity and flying, biting creatures.  I always have visions of sipping iced tea on my deck, but in the Midwest, it just is not fun for me. Fall in just fine, thank you!

Saturday we went to a beautiful wedding.  It was hot, but the beauty of the wedding made up for the heat. These gorgeous quilts were on display, marking the area for the outside reception.
 A photo booth was provided for guests to have their pictures taken.
These beautiful hydrangeas were scattered about the yard. 
Even the food was pretty.
 There was lots of it, all lovingly prepared and displayed by friends.
Iced beverages were in abundance on this hot day.
 Izzie's Sodas in an old coke box.
The tables were charming and mindful of the smallest details.
The guest book was a framed monogram of buttons.  Guests signed the mat.
 The bridesmaids were carrying fall in their hands.
Music was in the background.
 Petit Fours were adorned with handmade icing vintage buttons
 The bride wore lace. A perfect ending of summer!

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  1. What a beautiful wedding in a beautiful setting. Lovely.


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