Saturday, September 3, 2011

Washing the Washing Machine

I have a front load washer. I love it and have worked hard to avoid the funky smell that people report, though a hint was noticeable and the plastic window seemed to have a coating.  I have not done the monthly clean as the manufacturer of Whirlpool recommended, because the bleach they recommend is known to breakdown the parts. I leave the door cracked at all times to air it out and have been known to be cranky with others in my home who close it.  in my internet wanderings, I came upon this. I bought some at Kroger for $9.99.  It seemed expensive, but I wanted to give it a try. As I researched the topic, some reported that for a first time use, they used the entire package (3 tablets).  I decided to use 2.  I ran my regular clean cycle and was amazed.  My washer smelled clean!  No funk. In the package are wipes which grab any residue around and under the seal.  There was a HUGE amount of gunk  that had come loose after the treatment. The residue build up is SOAP.  All these new fangled detergents are so full of junk that just collects in our machines and cause the smell.  I am a believer.  I will be using this monthly (1 tab from now on) and trying some new soap.
I have been experimenting with other detergents, even making my own and I am still using my homemade detergent on towels and rags, but have found it is not very good on stains. 
I had begun using Tide Total for my darks. I'm not sure this is available in all markets.   It is guaranteed not to fade them.  It has fabric softener in it, the scent stays in your clothes and is very expensive. I have liked it, but after cleaning my machine, I am sure that it was contributing to the funk and junk. 
Recently I bought some Mrs. Meyers laundry detergent.  It has essential oils, the scent is faint but pleasing.  I actually like it, except that on further inspection, I found that all of the ingredients are not natural and can be irritating.  I am going to try something else next time, but may come back to it.
I ordered some Charlie's Soap from for 10.00 for 80 loads. With just the three of us, that will last for a while.  The reviews were very favorable.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. The soap manufacturers have been forced to change their formulas to accommodate the green agenda. That is what makes it difficult for us to get the clothes and dishes clean and keep the machines functioning properly. Go figure.

  2. I need to put that on my list to pick up. To describe our smell, it's like corn on the cob after your eaten and thrown away the cob. Eeeuuuww!


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