Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home

A big brother with a baby brother is a sweet thing. Hudson was very gentle and tender with his new sibling.  It was a joy to see. I will miss these little guys.
My dad's service was very moving and honoring of his life.  He was a jovial person and the memories shared about him evoked many enjoyable memories. At Riverside National Cemetary, we saw him honored by the United States Air Force.  The tenderness shown by the officer as he gave the flag to my father's wife was especially memorable.

I am happy to be home. Two weeks of high emotion without my husband and daughter was enough for me. Even those sweet grandchildren couldn't erase my need for the relationship I have with my dear husband. Thoughtful friends brought meals to my husband and daughter in my absence.
My friend called me and said she is planting daffodils in my yard in honor of my dad. When spring comes it will be a beautiful remembrance. I am blessed to have a loving husband, children, grandchildren and friends.


  1. How sweet of a friend. I hope life gets back to normal soon and you don't miss those darling boys too much.

  2. You're blessed with a wonderful family, Debbie. God is good.


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