Sunday, February 19, 2012

Madeline Tosh Pashmina

 I love it when the UPS man  brings me treats like this gorgeous yarn.  On sale at Little Knits, I have increased my stash for my gift supply.  Silk, cashmere and wool.  What could be yummier? Now to pick patterns...

Winter has been odd in Ohio.  Lots of sunshine (I'm not complaining) and not enough snow for my taste. Thus, the brown sticks of winter are unadorned. Colorful yarn is a glad diversion.

"It was You who set all the boundaries on the earth;. You made both summer and winter." - Psalm 74:17


  1. What beautiful yarn! I, too, am a sucker for any pretty yarn. I will buy what I like, then figure out how I will use it. *she says as she looks around the room*

    We have left Ohio for a few weeks and are now in (not always) Sunny Florida. Last weekend when we pulled into Port Canaveral it was 34 F! This week it was in the 70's - much more like Florida!

  2. I love looking at all your yarns and the beautiful results of your knitting. Now, as for snow. . .come on out to the Rockies and play for awhile. You can get your fill of snow here and by the time you get home the tulips will be in bloom in Ohio. Love you friend.


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