Monday, March 4, 2013

Quilts by Chelle

I have a beautiful cherry coffee table with 2 deep drawers full of yarn and knitting supplies.  Over time, the top has become scratched to the point that it was bugging me to death, like the feeling you get when you know you need to wash your windows TODAY. I played out scenarios of getting it refinished, painting it, etc. But none of them were appealing to me. I began looking at large table runners.  Out of site, out of mind, right?  I got on etsy and look what I found! Chelle is a quilter and her work is gorgeous. I started out purchasing a fall quilt. She even made it to my specifications.

This quilt is for Christmas, Valentines Day, Fourth of July, or any other time I am in the mood for red!

The quilt below is amazing.  I sent Chelle a picture of this couch pillow. She came up with this beautiful quilt for me!
 The picture does not do it justice! She is great at her craft!

 Years ago, I quilted. When my two oldest sons were young, I got a lot of quilting done. I even won the Grand Prize at the Orange County Fair for a king- sized Double Irish Chain Quilt.  Then our family began moving and more children came. Somehow finding time to sit behind my machine was more difficult.  My mom is a wonderful quilter and my home is full of her work. But I haven't cracked my machine in a long time.  I am so thrilled to find Chelle's shop (QuiltedbyChelle) on etsy and I hope you will visit it too!  You won't be disappointed! 

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