Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Favorite Kitchen Tool

With fall here and the polar vortex approaching, my favorite tool will come into play more and more. The Fagor  3 in 1 Multicooker is so handy. I love that I can brown in this, then switch to crockpot or pressure cooking mode, eliminating extra dishes.  It has so many uses and takes up hardly any room, replacing other items in my kitchen. My crockpot and rice cooker have been relegated to the basement.

We have been purchasing grassfed beef from an Amish Farmer and have loved the tenderizing method of pressure cooking. Dried beans can soak quickly and cook to perfection in much less time. Our grandmothers have been using pressure cookers a long time, but the new ones on the market are so much safer. I love that I can cook things that would normally take hours in in under an hour!  It is such a time saver.

I use the rice cooker mode for any rice and even quinoa.

Pinterest is a great place to search recipes for your pressure cooker.

It's time to get ready for winter!

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